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Innovative Voice Connectivity Solutions for Your Business

Our range of voice connectivity solutions are designed to provide your business with the flexibility and reliability it needs to thrive in today’s digital world. From the cost-effectiveness of SIP Trunking to the enhanced control of SIP Trunk Call Manager, the integrated approach of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, and the simplicity of our Single Phone Line Replacement Service, we have the right solution to meet your unique business needs. Explore each service below to find the one that best suits your business.

SIP Trunking

  • SIP Trunking is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional ISDN for voice calls. It connects your site’s PBX directly into the network via an internet connection, providing a reliable and flexible voice service.
    • Key Features:
      • Connects your PBX to the network for full PSTN breakout
      • Cheaper and more flexible than ISDN
      • Quick to install with robust business continuity service
      • Compatible with all leading IP PBX brands in the UK
    • Target Audience: Businesses of all sizes looking to switch from ISDN to a more flexible and cost-effective voice service.

SIP Trunk Call Manager

SIP Trunk Call Manager is an add-on to our SIP Trunking service, offering enhanced cloud-based call control. It provides a powerful business continuity solution, allowing you to consolidate all your numbers onto a single platform, ensuring you never miss a call.

  • Key Features:
    • Enhanced SIP service with full control of inbound numbers
    • Tailored business continuity solution
    • Accelerates ISDN conversion
    • Easy management via mobile app and web portal
  • Target Audience: Businesses already using or considering our SIP Trunking service, seeking enhanced control and robust business continuity solutions.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing provides full voice capability natively into Microsoft Teams. Any company using Microsoft Teams as their unified communications tool can implement this solution for voice and benefit from cost savings and increased functionality.

  • Key Features:
    • Full voice capability integrated into Microsoft Teams
    • Enables PSTN breakout on the public telephone network
    • High service availability
    • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365
  • Target Audience: Businesses of all sizes using Microsoft Teams looking for a comprehensive voice solution.

Phone Line Replacement Service (PhoneLine+)

PhoneLine+ is a simple phone line replacement service that uses VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network. It’s an excellent choice for small businesses looking to future-proof their telephony service.

  • Key Features:
    • Uses VoIP technology for voice calls
    • Can be accessed on multiple devices
    • Includes key features of a traditional telephone line
    • Instant delivery via email for quick setup
  • Target Audience: Small businesses looking to transition from traditional landline services to a more future-proof solution.

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