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On-Premise Voice

MiVoice Connect is an on-premise voice solution that removes barriers to efficient communication, allowing your team to focus on relationships, ideas, and growth. With its robust system features, exceptional user experience, and business communication continuity, MiVoice Connect ensures that technology works for you, not the other way around.

Leverage the Power of On-Premise Solutions for Greater Control and Customization

MiVoice Connect is not just a communication tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that transforms the way your team works. With an exceptional user experience, it offers call transfer, extension dialing, conference calling, and other features straight from the MiVoice Connect IP phone or mobile app.

Its collaborative unified communications (UC) features simplify the way you work. Instant messaging, audio conferencing, video calling, and desktop sharing are all at your fingertips, saving you time, reducing travel costs, and allowing you to communicate with ease.

The Connect client is designed to be there when you need it and stays out of the way when you don’t. It offers a slim control panel that can be compressed to fit your needs, making it easy to interact and collaborate without taking up your entire screen.

Simple Management Interface

MiVoice Connect is designed to simplify system administration. With Mitel’s cross-browser compatible administrative app, Connect Director, you get a single view of your entire network, no matter how many phones or sites you manage. Streamlined provisioning, account setup, maintenance, and moves/adds/changes (MACs) mean that IT will spend far less time managing your phones—saving your team time and your bottom line.

Remote Working Capabilities

In today’s world, remote work is more prevalent than ever. MiVoice Connect caters to this need with its Mitel Connect Edge Gateway, improving access to the MiVoice Connect system for remote workers. With the Mitel Connect Edge Gateway, there is no need for off-site users to launch a VPN to use Mitel Connect, their IP 400 series phones, and/or the MiVoice Connect Interaction Center. This ensures that your team can work effectively, no matter where they are.

Contact Centre Solutions

MiVoice Connect also offers solutions for sales and customer service operations with its MiVoice Connect Contact Center. This multichannel solution ensures that your customer service is always top-notch, improving customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Exceptional User Experience

MiVoice Connect is designed to provide an exceptional user experience. It offers a range of features, including call transfer, extension dialing, and conference calling, directly from the MiVoice Connect IP phone or mobile app. Its collaborative unified communications (UC) features simplify the way you work, offering functionalities such as instant messaging, audio conferencing, video calling, and desktop sharing. These features not only save time but also reduce travel costs, allowing you to communicate and collaborate with ease.

Business Continuity

In today’s fast-paced business environment, downtime is not an option. MiVoice Connect understands this and ensures business continuity with its distributed architecture. This architecture assures uptime and reliability, ensuring your critical system is always running at top performance. The Connect Director, a simple management interface, makes it easy for you to manage user permissions, features, and billing—saving you time and money. With MiVoice Connect, you can focus on your business operations without worrying about your communication system.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

MiVoice Connect is not just about providing a robust communication solution; it’s also about offering value for money. It has an established reputation for long-term cost efficiency, built on the strength of Mitel’s signature distributed architecture, ease of use, and simplicity of administration. Plus, it reduces the impact on IT resources. With MiVoice Connect, you get a communication solution that offers a low total cost of ownership, providing you with significant savings in the long run.

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MiVoice Connect is not just a business phone system; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to improve your customer experience, save you time, and work smarter. With MiVoice Connect, you can be there for your customers – anywhere, any time, and on your choice of device.

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