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Unified Communications at Sea – UC @ Sea

In the past 30 years, Typex have been an active member of the Community and we strive to remain active and present by sponsoring charities that are close to our hearts.

This year, we decided to mix business and pleasure by sponsoring the Rough & Ready Row – the world’s toughest ocean rowing challenge. Four young lads will be undertaking this challenge whilst raising money for two charities: The Natalie Kate Moss Trust and The Boulmer Volunteer Rescue Service.

You can read their full story on their website by clicking here.

Typex has provided the Rough & Ready Boys with all their telecommunications needs while rowing 2000 miles around the United Kingdom, the whole team is hopeful that they will be successful in breaking the current Guinness World Record.

We have provided the Rough & Ready Boys with equipment to aid them on their perilous journey, although we have complete faith they will survive the challenge, a little help in terms of navigation and Unified Communications goes a long way when you’re far at sea.

1. Enhanced Navigation

We are specifically targeting a faster passage by using tidal-based navigation. For this we have provided:

  • Lenovo Laptop
  • Digital Yacht SmarterTrack navigation software
  • Digital Yacht GPS150USB SatNav (GPS/GLONASS) USB
  • Digital Yacht NMEA to USB serial adapter cable
  • Navionics+ electronics charts for UK & Ireland
  • Theyr weather subscription
  • Reed’s Almanac
  • UK & Ireland Circumnavigator’s Guide, Sam Steele, Adlard Coles

2. UC@Sea – Unified Communications

Unified Communications wil enable ship to shore communications even when the WiFi or cellular signal is weak. We have provided them with:

  • Aqua Marine 4G Wifi GPS MIMO Antenna (picks up weak WiFi and 3G/4G singles and transmits to laptop/tablet)
  • 4G Router dongle (connection for the above)
  • UK & IE SIM cards & Gamma Mobile subscription
  • Digital Yacht Aquawear WLN20 Wireless Gateway with Wrist Case (for displaying AIS & GPS on chart on wearable phone on deck)
  • ShoreTel Connect Client to our system

3. Enhanced Safety

We are also providing some additional things to keep them safe:

  • NASA Supernova Combi LED – Tricolour / Anchor Light
  • Kedge Anchor with chain

Join us at International i-Power 2016 on 7th – 8th June at Lake Wyboston where we will be presenting our efforts during the sponsored sessions on the first evening. We will also be tracking the Rough & Ready Boys to see their progress as they will be taking off on the 1st of June.

For more information about this amazing voyage, visit the Rough and Ready Row Website.